[Advaita-l] Skanda upasana in the Mahabharata

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> Respected sir, you talked about skanda upasana in Ramayan which has already
> been discussed. Could you share the link for that?
> Also, it's quite intriguing to look at how the hymn starts by linking
> Skanda to Brahman itself. It fits in well with the idea conveyed by the
> texts  like Shankara Samhita where Lord Shiv talks of skanda in similar
> terms. Describing him as being one as Same with him and simultaneously also
> being born of him.


   This is the one I referred to.

Could you pl. share the link for the Shankara Samhita chapter you refer to


> The initial two words fitting quite well here. It also
> follows from puranic and local traditions that one's own soul is born as
> the son: the Brahman being born from the brahman itself and staying Brahman
> in attributes too. Puranmidam Purnamadah.
> Thank you.
> Your humble follower

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