[Advaita-l] Atharvashiras Upanishad Lecture PART 1

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> > practiced by everybody including demigods like Brahma, Vishnu & Indra.
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> Good work with the videos from what I have heard so far.  I will be
> listening to all of them carefully and will possibly have more to say then
> but one note for the time being:  The usage of the word "demigod" for
> Devas is misleading.  In Western culture demigod refered to people
> like e.g. Hercules who were the offsprings of divine entities and humans.
> This makes no sense in the Indian context.  Devas are "Gods" there is
> nothing "Demi" about them. As far as I know, the usage was coined or
> popularized by Prabhupada of ISKCON to distinguish Devas from Vishnu
> Bhagavan.  It seems it is being used the same way here to distinguish
> Devas from Shiva Bhagavan.  That's fine but as not all Sanskrit terms will
> map cleanly onto English equivalents perhaps to avoid confusion it is
> better to just leave it untranslated as Deva just as other words such as
> yoga or karma are used in English untranslated.

Yes, Jaldhar ji, ISKCON uses this term to refer to all gods other than
Vishnu/Krishna.  It is better if it is not used by others.


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