[Advaita-l] Atharvashiras Upanishad Lecture PART 2

Keshava Mahadeva keshava.mahadeva143 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 30 20:25:36 EDT 2021


This video talks about the supporting fact (Upa Brahmanam) from Suta
Samhita in detail describing the story of Atharvashiras Upanishad where the
question about who is the Supreme Reality appears in the minds of the Sages
& demigods - Brahma, Vishnu & Indra. Suta Maharishi replies to the Sages
quoting the story where all the demigods - Brahma, Vishnu & Indra surrender
to Lord Shiva and practice the Maha Paashupata Vratam by applying ashes all
over their body and worshipping Mahadeva & Para Shakti in their to get
relieved from the repeated cycles of birth and death.

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