[Advaita-l] Jagadguru Speaks: Restrain the Mind, Beget Welfare

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Tue May 4 14:08:10 EDT 2021

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Man has obtained this human birth as a result of several
meritorious deeds (punya) performed in the past. Therefore, one
must never waste this human birth by engaging in unrighteous
deeds (papa). Using the power of discrimination (viveka) to
distinguish between punya and papa, one must ever engage in
meritorious deeds. We can understand and learn this through
elders in our family, the scriptures or our own experiences.
Animals do not possess the power of viveka. They live as they
choose to and consequently experience suffering. Man, on the
other hand, is endowed with viveka and hence he must not allow
his mind to wander unrestrained. An uncontrolled mind will
instigate unwanted desires and inextricably enslave man to its
varied fancies, ultimately plunging him into immense suffering.
Therefore, man must never forgo his viveka. The mind and the
senses (indriya) must always be led along the righteous path and
kept pure. This is what the sastras instruct us:
  manogati.n na visR^ijet jitaprANaH jitendriyaH .
  sattvasampannayA buddhyA manaH Atmavasha.n nayet ..
  (Uddhava Gita)
It means that we must not allow our minds to wander
unrestrained. Having conquered the indriyas and with a mind
endowed with sattva guna (noble qualities), man must exert
control over his mind.
A person with a mind that is always in sattva, will be its master.
This sattvic mind will eventually lead him to the path of moksha
(liberation). This will also bestow on him the highest sreyas
(spiritual welfare).
Our blessings for all to understand this well and practice this in
their lives.

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