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> Hari Om,
> In case of visual and audible perception, mind is said to go out along with
> chakshu and shrota indriya and make contact with vishaya and turn
> vishayAkAra. Reflection of chaitanya then gives rise to visual and audible
> perception.

As far as I know, the situation in Advaita is: the shrotrendriya does not
go out but the sound reaches the indriya by a veechi-taranga-nyaya: The
sound, at the locus of its origin, produces waves and through the waves it
reaches the organ/indriya of the hearer.  In the case of chakshuh, as you
have stated, the indriya goes out through the manovritti and contacts the
object/form/color outside.  I am not aware if any other view is there in
Advaita for explaining the sound perception.


> In case of lightning, if the mind reaches there simultaneously with shrotra
> and chakshu, the perception of light and sound should be simultaneous. But
> this is not the case.
> If the mind does not reach there simultaneously, then the conclusion would
> be attribution of different speeds to mind+chakshu vis-a-vis mind+shrotra.
> How to understand it in the traditional framework.
> Regards,
> Sudhanshu Shekhar.
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