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 Dear friends,
The first line of Mantra 2-2-12 of Mundaka upanishad reads thus :        brahma Eva idam amRutaM purastAt ||Sri Shankara in his commentary to the above line writes thus:      brahmaiva uktalaShaNam (amRutam) 
      idaM yat tat purastAt agrE 
      abrahmEva avidyAdRuShTInAM pratyavaBAsamAnam ||
>From the above commentary it can be concluded thatall the discussions that are taking place about 'perception in lightning'which come under the category of a abrahmavastu which is due to 
avidyAdRuShTi.Is it worth to devote so much time and energy about such a vastu?
Is it not much more beneficial to give up avidyadRuShTi by acquiring vidyAdRuShti and cognize all this sarvam is Brahman only?
Is it not what Sri Shankara expects from the the students of Advaita Vedanta?

The above thoughts came to me as I was going through all the postings on the above subject.
I may please be pardoned for sharing these thoughts of mine.
With respectful namaskars,Sreenivasa Murthy

    On Wednesday, 12 May, 2021, 5:06:26 pm GMT+1, V Subrahmanian via Advaita-l <advaita-l at lists.advaita-vedanta.org> wrote:  
 Here is an observation by the author of the Vanamaala gloss on the
Taittiriya Upanishad bhashyam:

तत्र संशयनिश्चयरूपयोर्वृत्त्योरेव बहिर्विषयदेशे चक्षुरादिद्वारा निर्गमनं
पुनः स्वाश्रयं प्रत्यागमनरूपं सङ्क्रमणं च दृश्यते, न तु
साक्षान्मनोमयविज्ञानमययोर्बहिर्निर्गमनं स्वात्मनां प्रत्यागमनरूपं च
सङ्क्रमणं दृश्यते, न च सम्भवति, स्वात्मनि स्वस्यैव प्रवेशादिक्रियाया
विरुद्धत्वादित्यर्थः ।

What we see here is: when it is said that the mind / manas 'goes out' it is
the aspect of samshaya nishchaya vritti that goes out to the vishaya desha
and 'returns' and not the very manomaya or vijanamaya kosha that 'goes out'
and 'returns'.

This gives us a clarification that 'there is no contingency of the jiva
remaining without the manas/buddhi when it goes out to contact the
vishayadesha.  The upapatti involved here is: the manas/buddhi is sAvayava
and thus an amsha can very well go out and come.  I think this can be
extended to the case of the indriya too, even though there is no prasiddhi
in the shaastra for the sAvayavatva of the indriya, as far as I know.


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