[Advaita-l] what is advaita to a samsari?

raji narayanan narayanan.raji03 at gmail.com
Sat May 15 11:06:33 EDT 2021

 I request scholars  to speak about advaita in daily life. From morning to
night  till we retire to bed  explain the role of  advaiti in samsara    as
a father,mother  and a citizen? What role  he has to play   during the
difficult period  like threatening corona days as  an advaiti.?
           I give one example.  A dog chases  few people on the road.People
 in fear and  an advaiti also runs-if so what is the difference  between me
and others ?  We all avoid to discuss  about practising advaita in  daily
life of a samsari.

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