[Advaita-l] Krama mukthi in advaitha siddhantam.

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> Hi all,
> Can one do self enquiry in Vaikuntam or kailasham and attain the advaita
> state of moksha  ???

As other replies to you have mentioned, it is an Advaitic doctrine that 
those who were not able to achieve mukti in this life (Jivanmukti) will 
still merit the fortune of being born into a brahmaloka where they can 
gradually perfect their sadhana and become mukta (kramamukti.)

The worlds of Vaikuntha or Kailasa are said to be higher even then that. 
What is the experience of those who dwell there?  It is a function of 
the adhyatmic maturity of the jiva.  mukti can be divided further into 
four types.

salokya - The jiva is a resident in a heavenly world.  He is "liberated" 
in the sense that he is free from samsara but  there is still the bhava 
"He/She is Ishvara I am a dasa."

samipa - The jiva feels inseparable from his Ishtadevata.  He is 
"liberated" as there is no trace of ahamkara but still he feels there are 
two entities albeit eternally united.

sarupa - The jiva takes the form of his Ishtadevata.  For example there is 
in Kailasha countless Rudras who manifest as carrying trishul, 
ardhachandra, with blue throat and three eyes etc.

sayujya - The jiva knows with unshakable certainty that he is none other 
than Shiva or Vishnu etc. himself.  This is the highest state.

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