[Advaita-l] Krama mukthi in advaitha siddhantam.

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> There are a few such stories/accounts of a resident of even kailasha and
> vaikuntha having to return to bhUloka.
> The way to reconcile this is in brahma sutra bhAShya where it is said that
> the residents of brahma loka do not return to this loka anymore, in this
> kalpa (cycle of creation), implying that they may do so in some cases in
> the next cycle.
> One acharya once said that this is to account for those rare cases of
> someone who attains brahmaloka through repeated ashvamedhA sacrifices and
> other special rituals.
> In such cases, there may not be enough motivation towards GYAnam etc., and
> they return to complete their journeys in the next kalpa.

It must be noted that Jaya and Vijaya were given the choice to spend seven 
lifetimes of exile as Haridasa or three lifetimes as Haridushmana.  They 
chose the latter because of their eagerness to reurn to Bhagavans 
presence.  So I don't think we can call this a fall exactly but it does 
indicate imperfect jnana.

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