[Advaita-l] Shabda and Dhvani

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Namaste Sudhanshu Ji,

Since there has been no other response, I am responding.

You have admitted travel to dhvani from its origin to
shrotra-indriya-golaka based on the Bhashya 1-3-28. I am copying the
immediately succeeding part from the same Bhashya.

<< प्रत्यासीदतश्च पटुमृदुत्वादिभेदं वर्णेष्वासञ्जयति ; >>

<< pratyAsIdatashcha paTumRRidutvAdibhedaM varNeShvAsa~njayati ; >>

Translation  << but invests  the letters with such differences as high or
low pitch etc in his ears as he approaches nearer >>.

In other words, dhvani becomes shabda as its origin moves closer to the
ears. Notice still the cognition is at the shrotra-indriya-golaka only as
earlier with dhvani (as defined by you).

Does this not constitute Bhashya PramANa for travel of shabda (as defined
by you) from its origin?


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> Hari Om,
> Please share your views as to whether shabda and dhvani are same or
> different. Here by shabda, I mean the vishay of shrotra-indriya which is
> the guNa of AkAsha.
> It is admitted in VedAnta that shabda does not travel to shrotra-indriya
> rather shrotra-indriya travel to shabda.
> For dhvani, Acharya says in BSB 1.3.28 --  कः पुनरयं ध्वनिर्नाम ? यो
> दूरादाकर्णयतो वर्णविवेकमप्रतिपद्यमानस्य कर्णपथमवतरति.
> This implies that dhvani comes to karNa I.e. shrotra-indriya-golaka.
> Prima facie, it appears then that dhvani and shabda are different for
> dhvani is stated to come to indriya-golaka whereas shabda does not come to
> indriya-golaka.
> Learned members to please share their considered views.
> Regards,
> Sudhanshu Shekhar.
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