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> Sri Niranjan ji, thank you for your response, which is non-contradictory to
> what I have said.
> Sri Subbu ji, I am still curious to know what the significance of Sri
> Anandagiri’s comment is?

The significance is this: there are certain people who wish to paint
Vidyaranya and later Advaitins as having deviated from Shankara,
Sureshwara, Sarvajnatman, etc. all of whom were 'Vaishnava Advaitins' in
the sense that they all held Vishnu alone to be the Supreme Brahman,
Saguna.  The leaning towards Hari-Hara abheda, Trimurti aikya, etc. started

This statement of Anandagiri is clear evidence to the contrary.  Not just
this, Sureshwara's Vartika holds Hari-Brahma-Pinaki as the non-different
Jagatkaranam, Antaryami, for which Anandagiri's gloss has clearly said that
taking the triad to be diff individuals is Puranic and not Shrouta and in
the face of Shruti, Purana is a weak evidence.


> I had always assumed devah meant Brahma etc. For example, during the
> Deva-Rishi-Pitru-Tarpanam during the Brahma-Yajna Nitya-Karma, we start
> Deva-Tarpanam by saying “Brahmaadayoh ye devaah taan devaanstarpayaami”.

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