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Dear Memebers,                            It was the opportunity given by the Lotus feet again to visit Swami Karapatriji's Asram  on Nirsimha Jayanthi at Baneras in the last week and collected few books on Advaita Siddanta of Swamiji's works. I will be writing about major events of his life periodically and before that I would like give the fine details of swamiji's philosophy from the book published by 'VedaShastra Anusandhan Kendra, Karapatri Dham, Varanasi.
Saint Scholar: There are many types of saints/sages in India since ancient times. Saints of one type are completely withdrawn persons detached from all worldly affairs. They are perfect examples of persons who have fully realized the values of living in complete solitude and in total detachment from the company of fellow men.Even some of the sages are great personalities and are realized souls, they come to little help so far as ordinary worldly men like us are conerned and In reality they are beyond reach for us. In general we don't get any guidance from them in the matter of 'Dhrama Jivan' due to the fact that they are out of bound to reach and they live the life as they want to be. They never showed up their pathways of life. Swamiji is the foremost saint in this category. Swamiji's Life is dedicated to realiazing the value of lokasamgraha (not for the own benefit) by setting the example of life in the way they live & in the way they precept. Swamij's Life give us advise and teach us about the real meaning and purpose of Human Life. The real and final fulfilment's consisted in  life are automatically achieved by assimilating swamiji's philosophy and we can easily realise our goals. 
Karapatriji was a saint of this genre. His philosophy don't refuse to mix with people or speak to them. However, He teaches in the non-scholarly way (for an aam admi to understand easily) about the true goals of human life and means to realising them. Swamiji also gave active leadership by founding 'Rama Rajya Parishad' which mobilized people of country to support the national freedom movement and oppose where ever necessary and demand impartial governance, STOP slaughtering of cows, preserve, Promote Teachings of Adi shankara's Advaita siddanta and encourage the youth to study all the branches of Veda so that the 'ADVAITA SHAKTHI OF THIS KARMIC LAND BHARAT IS PROTECTCTED' from the encroachers of the endangered Species.
Karapatriji has also gave to to lead the character for all aspects of our life including personal, family, social & Political aspects of our respective Lifes. His politial , social concerns were derived from the roots of the total commitments to Hindus or who believes in Advaita Siddnata. He urges to protect the Vaidika Values, Culture and advises all of us to follow something from the Madana Mishra's (Sureshwara Acharya) Karma Khanda / or Karma Siddanta.
I do believe in his fundamental point that : It is the only doing & Implementation rather than discoursing what he taught us to follow by exmeplyfying before us  about the wat one should live one's Life.
I wish Swami Karapatriji blesses us to follow his philosophy so that we can suceed in the goals of our life.
He was a disciple of  Kasi Shankaracharya Swami Brahmananda Saraswati  and He spent most of his life at Benaras. He was  a teacher in the Advaita-Vednata Tradition of Hindu Philosophy. Swami Nishchalananda Saraswati, the 145th Pontiff of Govadhana peetha of Puri Dham is an eminent Disciple of SWAMI KARAPATRI jI.Ackn: Dr. Pradyot Kumar Mukopadhaya on the Ocassion of Swamiji's 114th Jayanthi.

Dharma ki Jaya Ho, Jai Jai ho Swami Karapatriji

Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu

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