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Dear Members,                            Before I write about the Major events from the Life of Swami Karapatri ji, recently I cam across a book which is in Hindi about "Nitya Karma Vidhi & Deva Puja Paddati", orginated from the Tulasi Manasa Mandir , Varanasi compiled by Sri ThakurDas, Ratanlal, Rajkumar Surekha respectively. published from ThakurDas  Surekha Chaity Fund.  Alhtough I have only one copy of that and if any one interested in this they can easily get from online or Chowkambha Parishad. The Book is of 230 pages & bears cost only Rs 30/-.
Some Chronology of events from the Life of  Dharmasamrat Karpatriji MahaRaj:
1. Born as Shri 'Haranarayan OJHA' in the year 1907 C.E (Vikramadi 1964) on Shravan Shukla Dwitiya2. In the year 1926, he renounced his home walked all the way to Prayag Raj along the Banks of Ganges.
3. At Virsinghpur, Madhyapradesh, He met his Guru Puja shri Brahmmananda Saraswati Maharai. He bestowed Sanyasa Deeksha  by the Holy feet. His guru advised swamiji to go to Narwar for further stuides in Vedanta/vedadhaya. He was earlier a  house holder & having one girld child & Left the family towards reaching Brahmman.
4. He took  Naishtik Brahmmacharya & rechristined as  Hari Hara Chaitanya. He mastered aastik darshan in 13 months under the guidance of Shatdarshanacharya Shri Swami Visweswara ashram ji maharaj.
5. In the year 1928 C.E (Vikramadi 1985) he reached rishikesh, foot hills of himalayas to do intense tapas. He returned from the cave with perfect blissful state to uplift the Vaidika Sanatana Dharma.
6. In the year 1930, he reached back Narwar with a earthen pot & few clothes.  The returned paramahamsa used to use his PALM as a food plate & Hence popularly called as KARPATRI. Then he moved to Varanasi to submerge himself in Self-Study & Teachings of Vedanta. At the age of 24, he was called as "Swami Hari Harananda Saraswati".
Continued futher.......................
Vaisakha Shukla Astami
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu

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