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Dear Members,     Some Chronology of events from the Life of  Dharmasamrat Karpatriji MahaRaj:
7. In the year 1932 C.E (Vikramabda 1989), Swamiji met Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya (Founder of BHU) in Rishikesh on the ocassion of Kumbha Mela at Haridwar. Both have exchanged their religious, political views and had discussion on various sastras & Urged the need of uplifting the vedic knowledge. 
8. In the year 1932 (Vikramabda 1989), With the desire of reinvigorating the Dharmic ideas & religious fervors in the minds of the people of Bhartavarsha, He started touring all over india by FOOT. He met all the big torch bearers of sanatana Dharma. All the learned religous scholars had discussion with  them on Shastra & Hindu Scriptures. He went into deep villages for the dharma jagaran. 
9. In the year 1935 C.E (Vikramabdi 1932) he met shree swami Krishnabodh Ashramji in Vagpath (Meerut) on the banks of River Yamuna. He had intense discussion with him about the  deep spiritual & Socio ecnonomical downfall of India under the British Rule. Both took a oath for the reinvogoration of dharmic principles, Ideas in the subcontinent & Started their journys on foot towards fulfilling their mission.
10.  In the year 1938 C.E (Vikrambda 1995) , On the ocassion of the mahanirvana of his Vidyaguru Shree Swami Vishweshara Ashram Maharaj, he got himself engaged in debate with famous saint Haihar baba and was vocal against the practise of pronouncing the Pranava "OM" Publically in the gatherings. To support his point of View, he wrote his first book " SANKIRTAN MIMASA" ebang VARNASHRAMARYADA based on Hindu Shastras.
11. In the year 1939,  as a result of few mistakes being incorporated in the Shankarabhashya in KALYAN Magzine, he himself went to the press to draw the attnetion towards the resolving of matter. Unfortunately, inspite of this the changes were not appropriately incorporated so he himself wrote the book: SHANKARA SIDDHANTO PE KIYE GAYE AKSHHEPO KA SAMADHAN and drawn the attention of all the pandits & Scholars. 
He started publication of the monthly Magzine "SANMARG" , a weekly journal called 'SIDDHANT'
Dharma ka Jai Ho! Swami Karpatri ji ka Jai Jai Ho!
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu
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