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Hare Krishna

However there is a very strict instruction in tradition that Sri Vidya upAsana and related rituals should be learnt personally from a guru after taking the initiation.  If it is done on our own by reading books and if we erred in the procedure while doing so then it will have very cruel effect on the upAsaka!!?? 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

Bhaskar YR

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Dear Members,
                              Recently I came across a book on 'Sri Vidya' from CHOKAMBHA publishers as suggested by Priyanandanadhaji Maharaj.
The Book Detials: Sri Vidya Shodasi Kramadi grantha is the first of its kind that embraces the Devi yaga in Shodasi krama. Sri Vidya upasana is the path of realisation by a process of evolution leading one to experience the ultimate creatrix. This upasana of Lalita-Mahasakti that has been secretively concealed in vedas & tantras, is practised as a way of life. The Panchadasi krama is principled on the chit-amsa of Devi while Shodasi krama dwells on the ananda aspect of Devi. Shodasi refers to the kevala brahma svarupa, the state of absolute ananda of the Lalita-Kameswara-s. The Shodasi-krama lays the process to experience the absolute blissful state of shodashi.The urdvamnaya and anuttaramnaya in this grantha contains the order of creation from the primordial sakti. Antyeshti and mandalamelana sraddha included here in accordance to the kaula marga will be of great use to upasaka-s. These unique and exclusive contents of the text have been published after extensive research from various tantras. The Sri Vidya sutras of Pujyasri Devinatha Gurudeva that elucidates on Sri Vidya marga svarupa, shodasi svarupa, various avastha-s of a sadhaka, secrets of creation and other esoteric concepts bring in a whole new awakening of the sastra. Overall, this book is a treasure for Devi Upasaka-s.
Here is the Link to the FOREWORD of the BOOK:


Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu

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