[Advaita-l] How does Brahman witness everything?

KAMESWARARAO MULA kamesh_ccmb at yahoo.co.in
Fri May 27 12:02:45 EDT 2022

Dear Sh. Srrenivasa Murthy,                      
I request you kindly to have a good and solid foundation of Upanishadicteachings.
True, I don't have much knowledge on Upanishadic Teachings as I never studied them thoroughly.As advised , I will try to read into deep aspects of Upanishads over a period of time. Thank you
Then , but your mentioned that: Sakshi cannot be sakshyam. But Sakshyam is Sakshi only.

I don't agree with the above statement according to Indian LAW:

Sakshi (Witnessed) & Sakshyam (Evidence) are different, both shoundn't be same, never be.
You say Sakshyam is Sakshi only: WRONG, Judge won't agree, Saskhyam (Evidence) Can't be Sakshi (Witnessed)
SAKSHI (Witnessed): He has seen that, he will say that he was there at that place, he witnessed it, But he can never be an eidence (sakshyam)
SAKSHYAM(Evidence): It can be a person/object/material/any thing
It is required to make the Judgement and who shouldn't be the SAKSHI, Then there arises a biasedness.
Hope I am clear in views.
Learners are requested to add their valuable comments

There are no two things like sakshi and sakshi according to Upanishads.
NO Both are different, they can't be the same.
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu


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