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Sri Natraj Maneshinde's FB post:

Shri Sarvajnatma Muni ji is the author of ‘Sankshepa-shareerika’ - an
exposition on the sutra bhashya of Bhagavatpada. From his works, it is
evident that Sarvajnatma ji was  devoted to Bhagavan Vishnu. But like any
true Vedanti, he does not hesitate to behold the same Parabrahman in other
Bhagavat-swaroopas as well. This conviction of his is evident in the
following Mangalacharana shloka of Sankshepa Shareerika :

आरम्भाः फलिनः प्रसन्नहृदयो यश्चेत्तिरश्चामपि
नो चेद्विश्वसृजोऽप्यलं विफलतामायानत्युपायोद्यमाः ।
विश्वैश्वर्यमतो निरड़्कुशमभूद्यसैव विश्वप्रभोः
सोऽयं विश्वहिते रतो विजयते विघ्नेश्वरो विश्वकृत् ॥

(If Bhagavan Vighneshvara is pleased, even the efforts of the animals
attain fulfillment and if not, even Brahma’s efforts go in vain. Victory to
such  Vighneshvara, who is the Vishva-karta, whose glory knows no bounds
and who is always engaged in benefiting the world)

Thus, in the vision of Sarvajnatma Muni ji, Bhagavan Ganapati is the
Vishva-karta i.e. the Jagat-karana Brahman.

Shri Madhusudhan Saraswati ji and Shri Nrusimhashrama ji make some
insightful remarks while commenting on the above shloka.  The snaps from
their tika-s are attached in the comments. Below are the highlights :

1)Swami Madhusudhan Saraswati ji says that  Bhagavan Vighneshvara rules
over everyone , right from animals to Brahma himself. Hence, he is
सर्वप्रशास्तृ, the lord of all.  Swamiji quotes the shruti vakya :
भीषास्माद्वातः पवते and says that Bhagavan Vighneshwara is verily that
tattva which is described in the said Shruti.

Let us look into the Bhashya of Bhagavatpada on the cited Shruti:

भीषास्माद्वातः पवते । भीषोदेति सूर्यः । भीषास्मादग्निश्चेन्द्रश्च ।
मृत्युर्धावति पञ्चम इति । (Taittiriya Upanishad, 2.8.1)

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