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In this context, maybe of interest to others also in this group:
Professor S K Ramachandra Rao has written a detailed account of the temple,
its history and the vaikhanasa agama rituals of tirumala.
 The Hill Shrine of Tirupati (A comprehensive account of the history of the
shrine, the evolution of the temple complex, and the mode of worship)

Om Namo Narayanaya,

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> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> Money, money, money for each and everything money, Lord Venkateshwara
> moves and behaves as per the money deposited in his temple's trust 😊 crazy
> and amusing but fact.  His kalyANOtsava seva is booked for next 3-5 years
> on daily basis for a handsome sum I heard.  It seems Lord is still settling
> his debts that he has taken during his marriage.
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> Bhaskar YR
> Lord Balaji's Arjitha Seva Daily Kimkarya:
> The temple Bangaru Vakili i.e Jai Vijay Entrance  opens with a typical
> procedure of 2 methods, 1. Opening of the outside sealed lock of last
> night's ekanta seva by showing the key by Temple officials, as it is kept
> at the Kshetra palaka throughout the night to all the devotees present at
> Suprabhata seva. 2. The inside wooden lock will be opened by just rotating/
> lifting  it from outside with the help of an  lean iron rod (inapa chuvva).
> Then the GOLLA goes inside first with the help of cloth oil lamp, have
> Darshan first in that light along with Akhanda Deepa Jyothi kanthi. He also
> brings  the Venna (Butter) to apply Swami's chin from his home which he
> handover to Chief Priest. Although He goes first inside the temple he also
> doesn't cross the last gate, returns back from the last dwaram.
> After the completion of morning rituals, Darshansm starts for VIP's which
> they call as Break Darshanam after which temple officials morning duty
> completes.
> The Sarva Darshanam starts by 8 AM to fill the Vaikuntham-1 Que Complexes,
> which generally completes in 5-6 hrs. The Special Entrance Darshanam starts
> by 10 AM in the Vaikuntham-2 which completes in 2-3hrs in general (non rush
> days). This has tkt cost of Rs 300/-.Arjitha Seva's: Nitya Kalyanaostavam
> starts by  11AM inside the temple complex in the open hall adjacent to
> Dwajasthambam which took 2 hrs with samkalpa from all the devotees present,
> which ends with havan followed by mangalya Sutra dharana, varamala exchange
> of utsava murthi's talambralu, harathi. After its completion devotees
> proceed to Mula Virat Darshanam in 1 hr of time, Devotees comes outside the
> temple by 2PM.  For this people should report at Supatham by 10AM & get
> prasadam 1 Big laddu (kalyanam spl laddu) and costs a Tkt of Rs 1000/- for
> 2 people.
> Then the utsava murthi's i.e MALAYAPPA SWAMI along with Ubhaya  Deveru's
> proceed to outside the temple into Vaibhavosthava Mandapam near by Bedi
> Hanuman temple for another to arjitha seva called as Vasantotsavam for 1 hr
> with Sandal wood paste bath along with clothes, followed by Arjitha
> Brahmmostavam for 1 hr. It carries a Tkt of Rs 500/- for 2 persons which
> will also take to Darshanam through Supatham. This completes by 4PM.
> •••••••••••• continued next
> Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu
> Kameswara
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