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Temple Trust Functioning:
Although the Richest God on the earth gives preference to Money Donors in all aspects of the Trust i.e  Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanams (TTD) has nearly 25 members having  40 yrs of societal service experience headed by chairman. Two (2) IAS officers as JEO will see the administration from govt side. Local Govt controls the board. No single decission is taken by any individual. Daily functioning is by the collective decission of the board, Temple Priests, Devotees. TTD has more than 10000 employees at all levels  who lives on the Hill Quarters .Daily Free Food of minimum of 30000 people is prepared at Tarigonda Vengamaba Annaprasada Kendra (Annamayyas mother), Daily Hundi collection nearly about 2-3 CR, Jala seva, Free Food distribution at various places during daytime, nearly 50 living cottages on the hill are available for a 1-2days accomodation.
More than 1000 Barbars are readily available as employees for doing free MUNDAN who ever goes in kalyana kattas (10).
I agree with your Vit that Lord is still paying the interest to Kubera for the principal amount which he brought on loan for his marriage. Lord Govinda Raja Swami who lives in tirupathi, came from Chidambara Kshetra is counting the paraka mani in Kunchams (4kg vessel).
I learnt that there is a wonderful seva called as Ekantha Seva at night 11PM for 15-20 minutes before the temple closes for the day is also there which is a sleeping ceremony of the Lord with Annamayya song.
Annamayya, a hill tribal folk singer , whole hearted devotee of the Lord says that the Brahmmin who is expert in the Vedas & the Chandala who is low cast by birth will go to the same burial ground after death. He says the shadow over all living beings is same due to the fact that BRAHMAN is ONE and  one & only ONE.
Guruvayurappan Saranam
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu

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