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Dear Members,                               MALA literally means some thing which is in height  i.e . Konda, APPA is someone who takes care of you, a Father like figure. SWAMI is who blesses with his abhaya, varada mudras.
The MALAYAPPA SWAMI who stays at Seshachala (a hill forest of snakes). Many devotees reaches the hill by foot by crossing Anjanadri, Vrushabh adri, Garudadri, Seshadri. From where one can see the SANDHYA i.e The Junction between the sunset & sunrise.
Most of the Arjitha Seva's, Darshan tkts are made available online for 3months time. By planning meticulously, one can get any tkt, but journey should be planned by taking the seva/Darshanam tkt.
When I asked a very senior priest regarding the possibility of seeing Ekanta seva, his answer made me surprise that forget about for next 100 yrs 
Other than the footway, APSRTC serves frequently Buses for each 10 minutes with a Tkt of Rs 100/- to reach the Hill Top with the most safest expert Drivers of the Ghar Road with 20-30 blind turns.
People on the hill always expect a little money for any small help. If you give just Rs 10/- you can see a laugh& happiness in their faces. Just because, it is routine for them. They lives there on Devotees donation and it is income for them .
Although no one forces any one or demands money, it is normal expectation that, you give little money for the little help you are going to take from them.If you are against in gifting little money pls don't go to them or don't take their help.  Lord Balaji Lives in the hearts of the Sevadars of the Hill. Ultimately, the Narayana Swarupa, standing there in the form of salagramasila to see the karmic debts of people & to Bless their wishes.
He lives in the 💖 💓 of Yogi's who wander on the Hill. It is also a type of Parivrajaka of Shri Vaishnavas.

Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu

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