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Sahasra Deepalankarana Utsav:
The Lord with Ubhaya Deveru's was sit on the Cradle in Addala Mandapam (Glass Room) with the decoration of the 7 chakras as mala ornaments resembling the energy flow from Muladhara to Sahasrara. Then the bacground of the 1000 Oil lamps lightened by temple priests. Seva starts with Vedic chanting, followed by Classical singing by any while Lord Swings in the Cradle. It completes with Harathi to the Utsava Murthy. Throughout the seva, you can listen Temple Mela, Talam as Dolu, Sannyai.
Immediately Swami goes to  Procession with all temple officials, devotees, Veda pandits & In front Srivari Gaja's(Elephants) . During the entire procession of 1 hr in the Mada Street's, Swami stops at  small small distances (10-15) places to take Harathi, Prasadam from Local temple residents/ priests/Veda pandits/Devotees. It starts with Tirumala Nambi, Narasimha mandir, Vaikhanasa Agama Mutt, Varaha swami (Tirumala Kshetra Palak) Hayagreeva Mandir, from all devotees as groups wherever they are. It is believed that Lord Balaji comes himself to see the procession in any form to bless his sevadars. Small mishri prasad is given to all there by the priests. It is simply a seva to sevadars, just like i saw in chidambara Nataraja procession in 1000 pillered mandapam before the temple closes.
In similar way, Garuda seva happens on full moon day's & During Brahmmastova period all Vahana Seva's procession happens.
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu Kameswara 

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