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Dear Members,
                                     There is one popular place in Nepal for Hindu Piligrimage & Shradda ceremony place at the river  Gandaki Banks otherthan Kasi , Gaya shraddham.
 A source of holy Krishna Gandaki river has been dream pilgrimage for Hindu religion since ancient period. Many Saint especially from India visited this holy place. MUKTINATH- The holy place believed that without visit once in your lifetime you won`t get salvation and special fossils stone called SALIGRAMA only found in this KALI GANDAKI river basin and MUKTINATH area of HIMALAYA near Tibet. 
Kagbeni in Nepal – Hansa Tirtha for performing Shradh and Tarpan to the Dead. A write up writeen in the Blog by Sh. Abhilash Rajendran. Kagbeni is located on the way to the famous Muktinath Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu in Nepal. Jhong Khola River flowing down from Muktinath joins the Kali Gandaki River at Kagbeni. Performing Shradh, Tarpan and other rituals dedicated dead ancestors, parents and relatives here is considered highly meritorious. The place is also known as Hansa Tirtha.Legend has it that once people were making offerings to Lord Shiva during a Shivratri here. Suddenly a crow swooped down to pick up in its beak some of the offerings. Another crow chased the first to get a share and both tumbled into the confluence of the Jhong Khola River and Kali Gandaki River and emerged as swans (Hansa). Thus the Tirtha got the name Hansa Tirtha.There is a popular belief in Hindu culture that the dead arrive to take the share of the offerings made to them in the form of crows. This is a widespread belief in among many Hindu communities.This year typically fall from September 10-25,2022) is the ideal period chosen to perform Shradh and other rituals at Kagbeni. From Kagbeni the Muktinath Temple is a 3-hour Trek.

For those whose family (parents) passed away, came preform "PITRI TARPAN" at Kagbeni. Dussera time is highly valuable, During Sorha Shraddha.
It's not that those who have lost their parents visit Muktinath and Kagbeni, we can also pay tribute to grandparents and other family members too. sharaddha means sincere faith.

Sri Guru Padravindarpana Mastu

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