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Dear Members,                                A collection of writeup regarding Mahalaya from the fb post of Sh.Subrahamanyam Davangere was copied & pasted down the mail and I will be also posting the simplified procedure which can be done by self without anybody's help for the Mahalaya Amavasya for sunday i.e  25/9/2022. I have it that in Telugu, but I will put that in English.
One Important thing is, if you can't do any Tarpana/Shraddha due to non-availability or time constraints, just do one thing: Offer Two (2) Brahmmins Bhojanam with your affordable limits by just giving Rice/Vegatables/Jaggery/Little Dakshina which can simply makes Happy of the souls your ancestors from where you came in this materialistic world.
You never know, we may think it can be a simple water oblation to the dead ancestors (Offcourse it is a part of Karma Khanda Prakirya), who is seeing and taking the water to the departed souls, but the reality can be something else, a simple triggering may revive to whole clan to Reback into your dynasty in the upcoming generations.
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu

This Mahalaya is the time of #Father_Goddesses Astu Astu*Shastra Puranas said that three debts are the best among debts. They are God's debt, sage's debt and father's debt. If you pay your father's debt correctly, you will get rid of God's debt and sage's debt, then let's learn more about this father's debt in this Mahalaya era.For a living man, his dead three generations of ancestors are called fathers. That means the late father, grandfather and great fathers of the elderly of the living family. This three generations of debt will be on everyone. Father and Goddesses blessings are like that if you do Shraddha with diligence to the three dead offspring, they will protect the next three generations.Here father does not mean only men. Father mother, grandparents, great grandparents all have become fathers. If you take care of your elders only while they are alive, your debts will not be over. Even after their lives, we will do bad deeds in the right way and send their souls to the father's world through the pinda. This ancestral world is the earth between earth and earth. The world under the reign of Aryama, one of the twelve Aditya. Three generations of our dead elders live in this father world. The decision of whether the third generation is rebirth or the upper world, heaven, hell or the attainment of God will determine their karma. Vasu Rudra and Aditya are prime fathers in the ancestral world. Vasuvu is the first generation leader means goddess Vasu is the representative of parents. Second generation leader Rudra means father goddess Rudra representing grandparents. Third generation leader Aditya. Means Aditya, the father goddess representing Muttajja Muttajji.The holy time of Mahalaya means, from the full moon of Bhadrapada Shukla Paksha to Amavasya, the fathers of three generations who passed away came back to earth to see their offspring and accept the Shraddha karma from their people and said it to our heart wishes. Like a star. The only pinda we keep is the lord of the pinda given to father and mother, the father and the one who blesses us with a good offspring. The second pindada is the fan of grandparents goddess Rudra who gives long life and peaceful life. Third Pinda means Aditya Aishwarya, the lord of Muttajja Muttajji. In the Mahalaya season, these people call Prasanna as Chithtu for everything that is requested as Astu it seems. In such a holy time, in which house the taste and swaha chants of the Pitruyagna, who forgets their ancestors and send them empty hands without performing Pinda Shraddha, mythology and shastha is that bad sons, unrest and poverty will reside on their own. Rugs have described it.( Collection )

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 Dear Members,
                                     There is one popular place in Nepal for Hindu Piligrimage & Shradda ceremony place at the river  Gandaki Banks otherthan Kasi , Gaya shraddham.
 A source of holy Krishna Gandaki river has been dream pilgrimage for Hindu religion since ancient period. Many Saint especially from India visited this holy place. MUKTINATH- The holy place believed that without visit once in your lifetime you won`t get salvation and special fossils stone called SALIGRAMA only found in this KALI GANDAKI river basin and MUKTINATH area of HIMALAYA near Tibet. 
Kagbeni in Nepal – Hansa Tirtha for performing Shradh and Tarpan to the Dead. A write up writeen in the Blog by Sh. Abhilash Rajendran. Kagbeni is located on the way to the famous Muktinath Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu in Nepal. Jhong Khola River flowing down from Muktinath joins the Kali Gandaki River at Kagbeni. Performing Shradh, Tarpan and other rituals dedicated dead ancestors, parents and relatives here is considered highly meritorious. The place is also known as Hansa Tirtha.Legend has it that once people were making offerings to Lord Shiva during a Shivratri here. Suddenly a crow swooped down to pick up in its beak some of the offerings. Another crow chased the first to get a share and both tumbled into the confluence of the Jhong Khola River and Kali Gandaki River and emerged as swans (Hansa). Thus the Tirtha got the name Hansa Tirtha.There is a popular belief in Hindu culture that the dead arrive to take the share of the offerings made to them in the form of crows. This is a widespread belief in among many Hindu communities.This year typically fall from September 10-25,2022) is the ideal period chosen to perform Shradh and other rituals at Kagbeni. From Kagbeni the Muktinath Temple is a 3-hour Trek.

For those whose family (parents) passed away, came preform "PITRI TARPAN" at Kagbeni. Dussera time is highly valuable, During Sorha Shraddha.
It's not that those who have lost their parents visit Muktinath and Kagbeni, we can also pay tribute to grandparents and other family members too. sharaddha means sincere faith.

Sri Guru Padravindarpana Mastu
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