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praNAms Sri Ven Balakrishnan prabhuji
Hare Krishna

If I may add, my understanding of Sankara is that sannyasa, is an inevitable outcome of Knowledge, 

>  Yes, for the jnAni sannyasa / pArivrAjya is svAbhAvika as he is krutakrutya and his jnana is katrutva-bhOktrutva bAdhita jnana.  Vidvat sannyasa.  In this sannyasa, karma sannyasa is quite natural since for the jnAni jnana is light and karma is darkness (avidyA).  But there are some exceptions to it clarifies shankara citing the king janaka's example.  janakAdayaH tattvavidOpi...karma saNyAse prAptepi karmaNA sahaiva saMsiddhiM asthithAH 'na karma saNyAsaM krutavantaH'.  There might be somany other reasons as well for the other jnAni-s not to take karma sannyasa clarifies bhAshyakaara.  

as well as a means to achieve it.   Detachment from body-mind, like a snake shedding its skin, means that there is no longer any attachment to me and mine.  Without attachment, there is no holding to any possessions, as Sankara makes clear in Aitreya Up.

>  Yes, it is also a means to achieve it.  vividishA sannyasa.  The sincere mumukshu who is really very serious to get mOksha and pursue jnana sAdhana and whose vairagya is paripakva would definitely has to take karma sannyasa through Ashrama sannyasa.  Because in this teevra mumukshu state both karma & jnana sAdhana (like shravaNAdi sAdhana) cannot go hand in hand.  And to leave vedOkta Ashrama vihita karma that is prescribed in brahmacharya or gruhasthAshrama,  he has to do so by formally taking the shrutyukta Ashrama sannyasa, he cannot stay in other Ashrama-s where karma is vidhi and say I will do karma sannyasa being a brahmachAri or gruhastha that is karma bAhira or he is karma bhrashta.  To give-up vedOkta karma which is an injunction,  he has to take vidhi pUrvaka vedOkta karma sannyasa  as this Ashrama for him provides very conducive environment to do jnana sAdhana without any obligatory duties which are vidhi-s in other Ashrama-s.  

> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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