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On Thu, 22 Sep 2022, Ven Balakrishnan via Advaita-l wrote:

> Sorry my language wasn’t clear.  When I wrote:
> "Krishna in 3.22-3.23 is referring to one who works for the benefit of 
> the world, not himself”
> . . .  I meant one who works for the benefit of the world, and not for 
> his own benefit.

Oh yes that makes sense.

In fact the next shloka explicitly says this.

saktAH karmaNyavidvAMso yathA kurvanti bhArata |
kuryAdvidvAMstathA.asaktashchikIrShulokasa~Ngraham || 25 ||

"BhArata[1], as the ignorant act from an addiction to karma, so the wise 
man[2] should act, but without attachment, for the benefit of the world."

[1] Arjuna
[2] the knower of Atman.

In all appearance, the actions of the vidvan do not seem to be different 
from the actions of an ignorant person.  The difference is in intent.  The 
ignorant people are obsessed with karma out of desire to gratify their 
egos.  The wise only do the minimum that needs to be done and only for the 
benefit of society and the world not for personal gain.

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