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 Towards tomarrow's Mahalaya Tarpana/Shraddha: some more details from the fb post of Sh. Subrahmanyam.
One should wear PAVITRAM i.e A ring finger was tied/fitted with a ring made of Kusha(Darbha) ends with ends pointing out which can make any one to be pure & Remove any Sarira dosha for the time being to perform that karma as Vidhi.
Mahalaya Special""The meaning of some words that come in Shraddha is special"1. Sankalpa = "Sankalpa: Karma Manasam" Pronunciation by deciding that I will do such karma as a quote!2. Moment = Inviting Brahmins who are in God and father positions feels like a "moment".3. Madhumathi chanting = chanting of Madhuvatha Rutayathe Mantra ೩.4. Kush = Darbha5. Youth = rice seeds6. Sesame = black sesame7. Bhringaraja = Garaga leaves8. Naveeti = Putting the birth of a boss9. Antique(Prachinaveti) = Sundays are on the right shoulder and left hand down. This is what should be there while performing "Pitru Archana" today.10. Savya = Janeva putting on left shoulder right hand below11. Darbha letter = sliced darbha12. Kurcha = Device made of seven (4) dabha. This is the most important in Pindapradhan.13. Pani Homa = Making Homa in the hands of Brahmins14. Vikira = Deva - Pouring water in front of Brahmins leaves and spilling rice.15. Parvana = As a quote "Triyakrutam Parvana" the children given to these three are called "Parvana".16. Patrochalana = Deva, Pitra Brahmins removing the supreme leaves after lunch.17. Brahmaarpana = Krishna offering the food given by God in Shraddha, father to Brahmins.18. Ashtarghya ingredients = Kusha Pushpa Tila Vreehi Ksheeradadhyajya Sarshapa: . Darbha, Basil (flower). Sesame, rice, milk, yogurt, ghee, white mustard!19. Universe = South - Darbha - Sesame - Putting these on a plate.20. Arts = two longest verses.""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""'""""""""This is only for those who give Tarpana to their fathers in Pitru Party.(Tarpana can be given to relatives, friends and other close ones)
some Telugu Procedure for the use from fb post of Sh. Phani Kasibhotla:

స్వస్థి...*మీ పితృదేవతల కోసం కేవలం ఈ 15 ని.ల సమయం కేటాయించండి.**ఈనెల 10 నుంచి 25 వరకు మహాలయపక్షం...!*ఈ పక్షము రోజుల్లో మీ సొంతవారి యొక్క చనిపోయిన తిథి నాడున లేదా తిథి తెలియనివారు ఈనెల 25వ తేదీ అమావాస్య నాడు ఈ తిలతర్పణం చేస్తే మీకు,మీ కుటుంబాలకు, మీ వంశాభివృద్దికి మంచి జరుగును, మీ పితృదేవతల ఆశీస్సులు మీకు తప్పక లభిస్తాయి.*బ్రాహ్మణ చైతన్య వేదిక*
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu

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