Three schools of thought

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> From: Shashikanth Hosur <shashi at KBSSUN1.TAMU.EDU>

>         Don't make assumptions.

Ok, I won't.  I will however infer based on whatever facts are in my

> How do u know that they are against advaita.

I look at what acharyas in the Advaita parampara have said, and then what
these others have said and see if they match.  If they don't they are
against Advaita.

> Did u practise it or complete understand before u made the above

I don't completewly understand brownian motion but I know how to make a cup
of tea.  :-)  Anumana (logic, inference) is a valid means of cognition
according to Advaita.  We should make as much use of it as possible.

>         Could u specify who are these people who made mistakes.

Anyone who disagrees with me. :-) No, seriously one example would be those
who say mental renunciation is enough.

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