Confusion between means and the goal

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>> > From: Shashikanth Hosur <shashi at KBSSUN1.TAMU.EDU>
>> >         Could u specify who are these people who made mistakes.
>> Anyone who disagrees with me. :-) No, seriously one example would be those
>> who say mental renunciation is enough.
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>> Jaldhar H. Vyas [jaldhar at]
>Dear Jaldharji,
>I disagree with you !

>- Joshi

Looking at the discussions on this topic, I don't think anyone else agreed
with the Jaldhar H. Vyas's definition of renunciation,  which is too
restrictive. I recognize that, by itself does not estabish that one is
right or mistaken. Basic mistake as I see,  is the confusion between the
goal and the means.  Goal being advaita, as J.K. says - truth is a pathless
land.  What is required is JNaanam or knowledge that I am sat chit and
ananda.  Knowledge can takes place when the mind is conducive or
contemplative or saatvic or agitation free or called in pure state.  All
paths are not for realization, but for purification of the mind.  There is
no uniqueness of the paths for purification.  Celibacy,  non-celibacy,
sanyaasa or gruhasta or brahmacharya these have nothing to do with the goal
- but are aides for purification of the mind which depend on the
individual. If it works for you, by all means practice it - if not throw it
in the dust bin. But donot insist for others that no realization is
possible unless you do this, this etc.   A guru can advice his disciple to
follow a particular path since that advice has come after studying the
mental frame work of that particular student and the student has the faith
in his teacher's guidance.   Advaita theory and the truth is beyond all

Mind requires certain detachment in order to contemplate for to reject-
neti neti- all that can be objectified.  Renunciations, celibacy, puja,
japa and everything else is for the mind to have this detachment,
vairaagya.  As Bhagavan Ramana puts it: everything is helpful but not
necessary! Advaita that  I understand and subscribe to is in tune with
Bhagavan Ramana's statement. True renunciation occurs only with the dawn of
knowledge- that in my opinion is the essence of the Kaivalya upanishad
sloka.  In the final analysis all other have no significance, this includes
the celebacy, however much Nagy may believes in.

Jaldhar H. Vyas has advised me the importance of vedantic discussion as
means for purification.  I whole heartedly agree with him. I do conduct
discussion groups three days a week on behalf Chinmaya mission here.  What
I was shunning from is discussions involving Jalpa - to establish ones
opinion as correct and others are mistaken. Discussions that lead to
knowledge is by all means helpful. That is why we are all participating in
these advaita list.  Notion that others are mistaken and I am right is only
a notion!  In the final analysis all are notions! ekameva advitiiyam

Hari Om!


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