Time Bound

Mark Hovila hovila at FOXINTERNET.NET
Wed Jul 2 03:16:07 CDT 1997


As a human I share your feelings about human violence.  But why do you make
the distinction between the violence of nature and human violence?  If a
lion kills a deer (or another lion) why is that okay, but it is not okay
for a man to kill a man?  What about animals that eat their young?  Why is
that okay for them, but not for us?  Let's remember that we are part of
nature too.

I think it is possible to acknowledge humanity's imperfections, as well as
the imperfections of the rest of nature, while at the same time
acknowledging its ultimate perfection.  Possible, that is, in those moments
when we abide in our own perfection, nondual Presence.


> From: Martin Gifford <marting at NSWCC.ORG.AU>
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> Date: Wednesday, July 02, 1997 12:32 AM
> Hi All !
> Sorry to be pushing the point but I do feel rather strongly on this.
> I am making a distinction between the violence of nature, which is
> and the violence of humanity. The violence of humanity is perverted and
> obscene as far as I can see. (I'm sure I don't have to go into the
> I think it is caused by the sense of duality. It might be beneficial if
> restrict our comments to human violence. I see human violence as
> not perfection!
> Best wishes to All,
> Martin.

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