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On Thu, 19 Nov 1998, Ravisankar Mayavaram wrote:

> || AUM sha.nkarAcharyavaryAya namaH ||
> If someone belongs to the dashanAmi order as a monk, should
> he/she be faithful shrI shankara's philosophy?  Will it be
> considered a guru droham if they do not?

Given that a name is not even necessary to a person who has renounced nama
and rupa, what possible purpose could there be to being a dashanami except
to express a relationship with a sampradaya?  And everyone admits it is
Shankaracharya who has founded the Dashanami order.

> Being in the dashanAmi order is a mere affiliation or it
> constitutes a proper guru siShya relationship?

Both.  For instance a Dashanami called Anand Tirth became a gurudrohi on
a spectacular scale.  Obviously the Dvaita sannyasis of today are not
because they have only claimed to be followers of Anand Tirth no one else.
So they are the followers of a gurudrohi.

Those people who claim to be interpreting Advaita Vedanta but do it
contrary to siddhantas are definitely gurudrohis and I have nothing good
to say about them.  (But you knew that :-)

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