166. halyavarjitA

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Wed Dec 16 18:31:39 CST 1998

166. halyavarjitA

 halya is that pertaining to plough, i.e., kR^iShi.  Here it
indicates an effort to create.  varjitA means devoid of it.
Hence, the name means SHE is the pure awareness which is devoid
of qualities such as desires etc.

 Or halya means deceit i.e., to show a deceptive mental attitude
to a friend.  She is free from that; SHE is the significance of
"tat.h tvam.h"  which is devoid of avidyA..

AUM halyavarjitaayai namaH

>From  a translation of  shankara bhAshyam of shrI lalita trishatI

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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