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Subject: Post Shankara advaita 

Revered Sirs
Further to earlier messages from Shree Raviji - let us go back to Adi Shankara's teachings. One of the reasons I was asking about post Shankara details is obviously my interest to know how many on the list are familiar with Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda's contribution to Advaita movement. There is another more serious aspect to this. I am involved in research into links of science to spirituality and hence I am looking to see if any of the members can enlighten me on the following: -
Concept of 'causality' (karya-karana relationship) advocated by Shankara and how can you relate this to the present day ideas of causality. I am looking for lucid and focused information. If any members can help? Further to this I will also ask about the form of logic adopted to explain 'causality of Shankara'. I suspect that we will find that the logic used in Modern Physics is different from the one used in olden days when we had only 'Boolean type logic'  - It is here that we will find the importance of post Shankara advaitins.  Hence let us continue on the same thread of post shankara advaitins but develop further the idea of - causality explained in times of Shankara to the present day.

special salutations to Shree Ashishji who so kindly asked a question and then answered it himself in a true advaita fashion :-)
jay lakhani  
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