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I was surprised and happy to see the new version of Listserv
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the past this was a problem.

But  I would still request users to send the messages in simple
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Another nice development is you can receive your DIGEST as HTML
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If you want me to do it for you let me know but I can do it only
by  next week.

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sureshvarAchArya iti sAkShAt.h brahmAvatArkaH |
sarasvatI pUrI cha iti bhAratI AraNya tIrthakau || 18||

shrI sureshvarAcharya is an avatara of Lord brahma. His wife in
his pUrvAshrama (as shrI maNDana mishra) was sAkShat sarasvatI
devi who was called bhAratI. In fact She adorned shR^i~Ngeri as
shrI shArAdAmbA. One can read these details in shankara
digvijaya-s.  mAdhava vidyAraNya's shankara dig vijaya dedicates
considerable portion to discuss the pUrvAshrama of shrI

The dashanAmi order associated with the maTha are sarasvatI,
pUrI, bhArati, Aranya, tIrtha, gIri and Ashrama (actually next
verse completes this information. Traditions do differ on this
aspect. Vidya's page indicate that sarasvatI, pUri and bhAratI is
assigned to the shR^i~NgerI shArada maTha.  The account given in
this stotram.h indicates an overlap between maTha-s

giri Ashrama mukhAnis yussarvanAmani sarvadA |
sampradAyo bhUrivaaLo yajurveda udAhR^itaH || 19 ||

The sampradAyam followed by this maTha is bhUrivALa and yajur
veda is assigned to this maTha

[to be continued]


Note: I made some typos in the previous verses. Also the I had
numbered 15 twice. When I find time, I will correct these errors
and submit the complete text to the jaguar site.

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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