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Mon Jun 12 06:51:18 CDT 2000

Dear T. Swaminarayan

I have felt Ramanas presence in HIS word. I have read His text more. He has
told His disciples: "You are already realised" There is nothing to realize"
I wanted to get rid of this wrong notion "I am not realized".
But I understand know all what I feel,        are tricks of EGO. Also this
my aspiration to realize my real nature. I know Self-realization is beyond
Ego. But how to destroy ego? I feel I am totally helpless because all this
my personal consciousness, this consciousness this body is egoistic.
Even this        destroy ego is trick of Ego!

I want to ask: WHY EGO WANTS TO DO        ? Wghy ego want to      itself?
Is this trick of ego too?
Ramana has suggested to trace of source of all thoughts! I have tried to
practise Self-Inquiry. Asking Who am I? Final result: I am "I" who don't
know who am I? And I when I do this longer time I fall like sleep-state.
This think "I" is in like background and other things go around, but I
don't care them anymore and after that I see sleep-pictures. I always stuck
this stage. How to advance in this inquiry?
What is better to do? I have read Ramanas book anykind meditation-
practyises,like japa, dhyana, breath-control etc. I don't know almost
nothing about meditation-methods and Yoga.

What are these three most important steps in the upliftment of this
egoistic self to non-personal SELF?

I have heart Spiritual Heart in right side of the chest. This Hear can feel
in right side of chest in Human body. How can this Heart is feeling able?



bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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