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On Thu, 8 Jun 2000, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:

> I am interedted in tradition of ancient rishies. I don't
> know have there been after that Ramana Maharshi left His body great rishies
> in this world anymore. I hope tradition of rishies, great teachings of Sages
> will preserve eternally.
> I am worried about this things, this world in
> present days! I am afraid if Great Knowledge of great Sages will lost!!I

Sometimes Westerners who are interested in Hinduism etc. get all excited
and plan to visit India only to be severely disappointed and disillusioned
when they find that most of the people they meet are not spiritual and
wise but the same small-minded and money-grubbing people they knew from
back home.

A lot of times you hear Indians lamenting how degenerate people are these
days compared to the good old days when people were more cultured and

What do these two groups have in common?  They both subscribe to the
fallacy that space and time (and their products) have special meaning.  In
truth they are paper tigers!  As chaotic and turbulent as the world is, it
cannot touch the indwelling Paramatma of all things which is of the nature
of pure eternal consciousness.  Seen from this angle there is nothing to
fear.  The knowledge of the Self cannot be lost and consequently there
will never be a time when they are no knowers of the Self.  And for those
who desire to know, the world cannot harm them.  To use another analogy it
is like a big dog tied on a leash.  That dog might bark and growl
frighteningly but it can't get any further than its leash allows.

> have read upanishads and Katha upanishads touch me very deeply. Always when
> I feel bad feelings, sadness, I read Katha Upanishads and it help me. I love
> Gita teachings deeply too. I wanted to get teaching and quide in this my
> path. I wanted to find people, teachers which would answer my questions.
> Because I am Finnish , I have no much knowledge in Hindu culture, hindu
> religion and therefore my questions may sounds ignorance,  naives etc. But I
> hope you understand it. I want to teach. I wanted to discuss Ramanas
> teachings, meditation methods, feelings of my aspiration, I wanted to
> discuss about the SELF, about GURu's etc. Advaita feels just near to me, I
> have always been feeling before I heart anything of Advaita, Hindureligions,
> Ramanas teachings that everything is same God, All is God.
> This letter was rather long but now you know what kind I am.

I hope you (and all the people who have recently joined the list) find it
useful and informative.  I hope you don't feel shy about asking questions
even if you think they might be trivial.  One drawback to this list or he
Internet in general is that it cannot take the place of the personal
guidance of a Sadguru.  I don't want to discourage you but this could be a
big problem if you have no access to that sort of thing.  But even then
there is always hope.  Krishna Bhagawan says in the Gita that even those
who try yoga (where yoga stands for the spiritual disciplines in
general) and fail will be reborn into situations where it is easier to
advance spiritually and will eventually attain the final release.  The
question to ask oneself is "Am I a little further along than I was
yesterday?"  If there is progress, it is a victory and the speed at which
the progress occurs doesn't matter.

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at>

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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