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--- riccardonova <riccardonova at LIBERO.IT> wrote:
> I am a musician myself and I am writing a new composition using the
> "S'ri
> LalitA SahasranAma " as text (six singers will be involved). I am
> using as
> reference text the Swami Tapasynanda edition.
> I would like to have some more knowledge on this kind of poetry - I
> am
> conscious of the beuty conteined in this poem, with the help of
> transliteration and translation I can really feel the beuty of it.
> Is any body willing  to help me/him in aquiring more knowledge on
> this topic ?

Probably if you post this question to ambaa-L, you may get more

Besides, I am willing to help you (to the extent I know -- which is
very little), if you send me your specific questions. I am not sure
such a discussion will be of great interest to advaita-L. We can do it
on ambaa-L.

There is an excellent audio rendering of lalita sahasranaama by one
M.S.Sheela -- I am sure you are aware of it. Besides there few other.
There is VERY important one -- that is an audio rendering by kAnchi
Acharya shrii jayendra sarasvati svamigaL. (side note: Swamiji is
clearly of the view that lalita sahasranama can be chanted only by
those who are initiated to shrii vidya [based on phala shruti] or baala
tripurasundari mantra (based on daxinamurti samhita]. But he is OK with
people listening to it despite the fact phala shruti says that it
should be kept as a secret [may be artha vaada])

ambaaL daasan


sharaNAgata raxakI nivEyani sadA ninnu nammiti mInAxI

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