Can one realise the Brahman by intellect alone?

nanda chandran vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Jul 22 20:49:50 CDT 2002

>Brahman being infinite and means being finite - 'no
>means' is valid for realization of ever-existing and
>self-luminous Brahman.  Any means is only a pointer in
>the direction.  Since ignorance is the root cause for
>the problem - knowledge can only be antidote for
>ignorance - Both get eliminated in the realization -
>kR^itvaa j~naanam swayam nasyet, jalam kaTaka renu
>vat' says Bhagavaan Shankara.  One cannot
>intellectually deduce Brahman but intellect is
>required for vichaara or inquiry into the nature of
>the Brhman - Tat vij~naasasva - Brahman has be
>inquired.  Using intellect one has to go beyond the
>intellect. That happens once the mind and intellect
>are ready. It is not purusha tantram but vastu
>tantra-like any knowledge.  A graceful way saying this
>is it is only by the grace of God one realizes.

Without doubt the correct Advaita position regarding knowledge and reality.

But one small clarification regarding tat vijn~naasasva - what's meant by
"inquiry into the nature of Brahman" here is only intellectual
discrimination between the real and unreal. It is with the right conception
of the absolute that the absolute can be achieved. With the right conception
of the absolute the aspirant rejects all that doesn't fit with the
conception of reality. But such enquiry cannot lead to reality by itself but
only helps in killing ignorance and ultimately leads to chitta vritti
nirodah. The Self shines by itself - forever and everywhere.

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