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> > IMO, we need only minimum and basic theory to
> > sustain and propel the
> > practice.
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> This concept is against Advaita Vedanta tenets. There
> are no separate parts called Theory and practice. This
> is 'Knowledge' which comes by understanding, which
> comes out of Sravana, Manana, Nididhyasana. To that
> extent, 'Sravanam; paunah punyam Sravanam' is the Only
> thing to do; There is no separate practice.

It's rather like saying there is no such thing as "school work" and "home
work" since both are parts of education. Lets realize there are both aspects
to "education". The theory part is what you "listen" (as in sravana). (as in
school work) Manana and Nidhidyasana do not immediately follow in the sense,
they do not give the intended result, so to speak, of conferring
understaning. They would be beneficial only when the "practice" is done.
This "practice" is (in my opinion) of two types (a) follow your nitya karma
as was told to you in the sravana part  AND (b) keep the repeated musings
going as to what was actually said what it all means.

yes, there is both theory and practice. One sustains the other, as Ravi
said. When you are in the grihastashrama, theory is what you are instructed
on as to your duties (obligations) in terms of karma to be done. practice is
actually doing it. The subsequent theory tells you why you are doing it
(either from a kamya sense) or from a sense of saying, it is for
purification of the chitta. Then you go on to do more practice by following
karma, with added vigour, Then you hear more ....

As an another example, theory is you reading this email. Practice is when
you actually see what I am saying. You can either think it is right or
wrong. Nididhyasana is doing that repeatedly. Theory -> understanding ->
practice. There are these many parts. If not, the acharyas would have just
said "listen (sravana)" and stopped there - they would not have follwed it
with the words of "manana" and "nididhyasana". They did follow though.

bhava shankara desikame sharaNam

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