[Advaita-l] Re: Advaita-l Digest, Vol 9, Issue 4

Aravind Mohanram psuaravind at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 6 14:23:33 CST 2004

>>>If you cared to read my previous email, the reply to Sri Vidyasankar's email on what does bonafide mean, then you will understand that my email below is just a continuation and does not require that I state that this is the opinion of Vaishnavas. 

If your interest is to keep fire works for every
sentence on every or some words of the posts on the
forum, then it will be too much of a disturbance. We
are not here to take 'non-sense'. If you are here to
learn advaita vedanta, do not teach us 'Hare Krishna'
theory. We have ample places to learn that.
>>> That is not my desire/intention. I'm not teaching any theory, I just responded to mails which were talking about Hare Krishna. I didn't start this and as I said my intention is not to convince any of you of any theory. Why do you fail to see this? 

Enough said.

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