[Advaita-l] bhasma dharana

Sanjay Srivastava sksrivastava68 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 08:43:38 CST 2006

Sri Sthanunathan Ramakrishnan wrote:

> Is there any shruthi pramana for bhasma dharana. My
> wife is a Madhva by conviction and she says that
> wearing bhasma is nishiddha according to Varaha Purana
> and that there is no shruthi basis for it either.

kAnchI paramachArya has argued that it is the bhasma dharana that has  
vedic roots. On the other hand, the practice of wearing nAmam by  
vaishanavas has its origin in sectarian traditions. Details are in list  
series on shankar sampradAyam:



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