[Advaita-l] Re: Pa~nchapAdikAchArya

Prashant bhat prashant.mr at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 05:11:29 CST 2006

 Hi Venkat

I fully agree with you. Although I've not seen Swamiji personally, I had
access to almost all his works and consistently, throughout he talks only
about TatwaJnana alongwith Bhakti/Shradha. To my knowledge, he's a
follower Sri Gondavali Chaitanya Maharaj who's a great Rama Bhakta ( from
Maharastra ) and Swamiji also & for
the same reason, you can find Sri Rama temple in Holenarasipura Karyalaya.
He took Shiva Panchakshari Mantra
deeksha also( along with Bhashya Shanti patha) from Sri Narasimha Bharati
Swamiji. And he studied Bhashyas
from Sri Virupaksha Shastri in different places(Bangalore, Dharwad, ..) over
a period of years. So atleast, I
don't agree with such statements on Swamiji (I don't know whats the purpose
of such comments on him!).
There is a saying  in Kannada, "Even if you see (somthing) through your own
eyes, verify it before coming
to conclusions".

Anyway, I feel we're deviating from the main purpose of this list, which is
to help steady and understand the grand
concepts of Advaita Vendanta. My view is 'Ano Bhadraha Kratavo Yantu
Vishwataha' and I really don't care if
SS Swamiji writes or a layman(shudra!) talks about Atma Jnana, If it is
good, appropriate, logical and
according to Shruti, Anubhava, ... (if it follows the great path Shankara,
then Ultimate).
After all, who're we to judge? Because many people comment on even Swami
Vivekanada, Ramakrishna
Paramahamsa and even Ramana Maharshi !!!.

Setting aside all such petty issues, we should concentrate on the Tatwa as
bestowed on us by them.
Sri Shankara writes in his preamble to Tiattariya Bhashya, "Yairime
gurubhihi pUrvam pada vAkya pramAnataha
vykhyAtaha sarva vedantaha tAn nityam pranatosmyaham". So let us first
respect them and then understand
tatwa and we shall all lead a cordial, happy life.


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