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On Wed, 17 Dec 2008, Bhaskar YR wrote:

> But I dont think it is a factual absorption at the
> yugAntya...and the fresh manifestation at *yugAraMbha*..prabhuji, I  think
> talking about veda-s physical absorption at the time of pralaya force to
> conclude that there is an end (antya) to veda-s & it will have the fresh
> beginning at the start of another yuga!!..dont you think it would go
> against the *anAditva* of our veda-s??  Kindly clarify..

See the bhasya on samAnanAmarUpatvAchchAvR^ittAvapyavirodho darshanAt 
smR^iteshcha (brahmasutra 1.3.30)

Basically Shankaracharya says that eternality of Shruti is the eternality 
of their sounds and meanings, and the relation between sound and meaning. 
As they are recreated in exactly the same way at every srishti they (and 
indeed all the world objects) must not be completely destroyed at the 
pralaya but existing in subtle conceptless form (i.e. devoid of nama-rupa 
yet still existence.)  An analogy is how  during deep sleep, the 
world-appearence becomes devoid of name and form but upon waking, it 
resumes from where it left off the night before.

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