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Dear Mr Vyas
I wished to discuss my ideas and findings with Mr Bhaskar but as you will see below, Mr Bhaskar is most insulting with his attitude and reply.
Yours sincerely
Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

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Mr Bhaskar

Hare Krishna

I am only writing to you what I know to be true because you sent me that write up. 

> that is OK...I am not disputing about your findings..but does not mean every body should accept what you call as truth..no?? I think, you might be remembered I have sent my write only and ONLY in reply to first mail to me..wherein you have categorically concluded shankara was wrong!! that too without knowing the head & tail of his doctrine :-)) is it not??

I have no wish to debate with you on metaphysical concepts of God as I am not building an edifice of philosophy like you. 

> that's good...then allow the philosophers to have their say :-))...If you are not fabricating anything on philosophy then you have no business to openly declare in front of an advaitin that *shankara is wrong*...

My religion and philosophy are one. God is not a concept like you are saying - 

> then what is GOD...please define in layman terms...

it is very disrespectful of you to write that. You do not even bother to write 'god' with a capital G.

> see, how narrowly & subjectively attached you are to trifle things like this :-)) Does god (sorry God) anywhere asked you to capitalize 'g' when writing the name of god?? shall I ask you why you have not capitalized the whole word *GOD*...dont you think merely capitalizing the initial letter g is a disrespectful gesture to the ALMIGHTY GOD?? 

> keep it simple...god is not for away from us...he is nothing but THAT and THAT is nothing but TAT....

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi


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