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Dear all
Here is the third and final part.
Practice of Advaita between 18 December 2008-21 December 2008
18 December 2008
8.18 No to Is there anything? After checking for any new emails and there were none.
8.25 Yes to Sending the write up to Wolfgang Fasching after seeing his email on an article marked interesting in Adviata List.8.46 Yes to sending it to Ramesh Krishnamurthy as well who referred the article to Advaita L. 
9.05 Negative to Is there anything more?
The TUC sent an email in response to the one I sent. 10.25 No to engaging with them with a view to asking help for UPSW membership recruitment.
Went for a walk as argument developed with Rashmi when the Home Treatment Team came and afterwards. 11.05 No to Is there anything that I should do? Did pranam.
Bhaskar wrote back an email 11.37 Yes to reply to the statement on Advaita, and second level of understanding. 11.54 No to Is there something. Tribunal has dismissed the Claim for Breach of Contract. 12.01 No to appealing against the decision. I never applied for breach of contract anyway.
12.06 Write to the Employment Tribunal. Wrote asking for full written reasons for dismissing the claim for breach of contract.
2.29 Negative to Is there something? 3.49 No to Replying to the advaita list on another email query sent by a Prasanna.
4.14 Yes to phoning Rupa (for she was supposed to telephone to let me know when she was ready to be picked up from College and she had not telephoned) 4.22 No to going anyway to pick her up. Just then Rupa's telephone call came and all was well as I went to pick her up.
19.19 No to Is there something?
19 December 2008
8.06 No to Is there something? 8.29 No to sending Advaita-I a write up of my childish understanding of the Spiritual world as written on 17 December 2008. They are doing great metaphysical discussions on pralaya and the kind. 9.00: They are doing great discussions and Bhaskar is a very learned person (addressing everyone as prabhuji) as is Jaldhar Vyas. Leave them alone to get on with their metaphysical discussions without your twopenny theory. It is a very important website. 9.10 Negative. I knew.
9.23 No to Am I a vishtaadvaitin? Then I must be a true advaitin. 9.31 No to Aap Ko kuch kahna hai is par?
9.36 Yes to contradicting Bhaskar and writing that Shiva is the highest personal God.
9.42 Yes to In ko pranam kar ke bolna chahiye. 9.49 No to any change to what I have written. 'I should say I am not a vishistadvaitin but a true advaitin and know for certainty that Sri Krishna is the Supreme Personal God of the Solar System, but Shiva is above that; the Almighty Personal God of the Galaxy is Shiva. 9.53 No to sending this to Advaita L. Forum.
In happiness said to Rupa: I wanted something to be true and it was true.
10.15 Negative: Did Pranam. I do not know metaphysics but I knew this, for earlier I checked the paragraph that Jaldhar Vyas referred to on pralaya etc to try to understand what these advaitins are discussing.
Bhaskar Ji wrote back critically saying I have too many prejudices about the concept of god. He does not take care to make it capital G even and is asking me that if I want to debate I should join Vadavali group where people want this kind of debate. 11.01 Reply to him.
Wrote back saying I am only writing what I know to be true because you sent me that write up. I have no wish to debate with you on metaphysical concepts of God because I am not building an edifice of philosophy like you. My religion and philosophy are one. God is not a concept like you are saying - it is very disrespectful of you to write that. You do not even bother to write 'god' with a capital G.
11.29 No to should I send any of this to Advaita-L discussion forum.
1.18 No to replying to a nasty email that came in from Bhaskar. 1.28 No to sending anything to Advaita-L.
1.40 No to Aur kuch hai?
Was concerned/puzzled that I am not a vishistadvaitin. Perhaps there is not as yet a name for it as I have experienced advaita. 2.46 Yes there is a name, it is advaita/advaitin even if it is not perfect monism.
2.54 Nahin to aur kuch hai?3.05 No to Shall I include a line to the effect that Sri Krishna is the Supreme Personal God of the Solar System and Shiva of the Galaxy in theAdvaita Ashram webpage write up.
3.23 No to should I open a new thread in Orissa Khatti to refer to the Oriya Language document.
3.45 Yes to kuch hai after reflecting on the bad email from Bhaskar. Send it to Jaldhar Vyas and Advaita L. with the comment: I wished to discuss my ideas and findings with Mr Bhaskar but as you can see below Mr Bhaskar is most insulting with his attitude and reply. 3.52 No to anything else to add/change to that. Sent it. An acknowledgement came instantly.
4.01 Negative. 4.11 Yes to Does this acknowledgement go to everybody on their mailing list. That is how the Forum is organised, but it has a moderator which is why they have not included my write up in the list of items, because I challenged Shankaracharya, it seems. The point of this email is force the discussion, but more than that, Bhaskar was very denigrating about God especially in his final sentence, so he needed to be dealt with. I do not know why I did not do it myself. Because I am still searching the truth. I am always getting into a fight. But Gods Good Name has to be protected. An investigation has to take place by simple forwarding and not including what I had written previously to Bhaskar.
5.17 No to kuch hai, after finding that my message concerning Bhaskar has been uploaded into the Advaita-L website as the latest message under my name Shantanu Panigrahi
Took Rupa to visit her friends and gave her a driving practice to the thought that this was the happiest day for me for at least 10 weeks, but on return home found a crushing email from Mr Jaldhar Vyas saying (a) you seem to think this is a debating place -- this is a list for 'Advaita Vedanta according to Shri Shankara', we are quite upfront about it and worse 'personally I think Bhaskar is quite right, you do not seem to understand Shankara very well'. I was urging I cannot possibly reply to that (for I know so little of the metaphysics etc) but 7.59 ---7.59 Yes to Reply with Mr Vyas 'In what respect are you saying that I do not understand Shankara very well?'
What a day!!!8.26! and God has been Advising Guiding me through it all day. There is no sense of elation that I have challenged the great Shankaracharya with God's Guidance merely 'thanksgiving' that after two months in the doldrums and seeking I have come to this point that my ideas are being debated.
8.30 Nahin to aur kuch hai?
10.03 Negative after checking that Mr Vyas has not replied undoubtedly caught out, for he does not wish to discuss what I have submitted, as it is not 'Advaita according to Shri Shankara'. What I have to argue is that I have the true advaita, not vishistadvaita, and certainly not dvaita.
20 December 2008
7.15 No to I will have to explaining the terminology after Jaldhar Vyas came back with explaining in what way I do not understand Shankara very well, citing 'Shankaracharaya was wrong that there is perfect non dualism in Advaita. It is qualified Dualism or vishistadvaita vedanta from what I understand.
7.35 Jawab dena chahiye
Copied out Sri Shankar Dayal Sharma's write up from Bhavan Journal that I took from my father in law's house about 10 years ago (7.54 That is it) to sidestep the criticism and not give explanation for the terminology. For who understands any of the terminology. They are mere words. And Almighty God's business this is, He knows how the thing should be left for the future to sort out. I am happy with that. It keeps me debating with Advaita List. And I have picked on the essence of Shankaracharya for debate.
Went for the longest walk I have been on a cloudy but very pleasant morning reflecting. On return read my Advaita practice diary  on the webpage to review that period and other materials. 9.43 - 9.44 Nahin to kuch hai. Did pranam until 9.44 appeared.
11.17 No to Should I make a pdf document of this diary and upload it to the Advaita Ashram webpage. Things are very sensitive. Mr Jaldhar Vyas is in trouble with my latest email to which he cannot respond for I have said nothing but good in it quoting an authority Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma. Having read the whole of this document realised that it will anger them all if it was uploaded and prevent harmonious relationship. I did not realise that I had taken so many detailed checks.
Mr Vyas came back with a rotten reply: why not quote a paan seller in Rajkot, his views have as much relevance as that of a politician' If you want to suggest that Sankaracharya was wrong that there is perfect non-dualism in Advaita show it from actual shastras not quote a third party interpretation.. I was not inclined to reply to it and 3.14 was also No to replying further.
3.37 Negative as I realised that I have come to the end of my interactions on Advaita L and have nothing to engage myself on.
6.07 Nahin to karna hai kuch computer me; after feeling a bit peeved by Haldar Vyas's emails. He has been the moderator for 10 years, so need to be careful. Do not wish to get booted out of this Advaita Listing/Forum.
Money is going down quick in the Barclays Current Account. 21.02 No to Job ke liye apply karna hoga?
10.24 Negative; after a worried mind as to how the finances are going to take care of us.
21 December 2008
8.49 Yes to dekhen koi message hai? Send this to Jaldhar Vyas- 8.49. Yes. 9..05 No to Aur kuch hai. Sent it as constructed. It will require moderator approval before it is posted in the Advaita List.
Yours sincerely
Dr Shantanu Panigrahi


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