[Advaita-l] adhyAropa - apavAda in SrImadbhAgavatam

V Subrahmanian v.subrahmanian at gmail.com
Fri Feb 11 11:09:52 CST 2011


Will anyone please provide the commentary of Sridhara Swamin for the
following verse, from the SrImadbhagavatam?

सुप्तिप्रबोधयोः सन्धौ  आत्मनो गतिमात्मदृक् ।
पश्यन् *बन्धं च मोक्षं च मायामात्रं न वस्तुतः* ॥ 7.3.15

The verse resembles the GaudapAda kArikA 2.32:

"Na nirodho na ca utpattih,na baddho na ca sadhakah!
na mumukshur na vai muktah ityesha paramarthatha!!.

In the absolute sense,there is no control of the mind,there is no
birth,none in bondage,no seeker,none aspiring for liberation,none
liberated,--this is the highest truth.

supti <http://vedabase.net/s/supti>-prabodhayoḥ<http://vedabase.net/p/prabodhayoh>sandhāv

ātmano gatim <http://vedabase.net/g/gatim> ātma <http://vedabase.net/a/atma>
-dṛk <http://vedabase.net/d/drk>

paśyan <http://vedabase.net/p/pasyan> bandhaḿ<http://vedabase.net/b/bandham>
ca <http://vedabase.net/c/ca> mokṣaḿ <http://vedabase.net/m/moksam>

māyā <http://vedabase.net/m/maya>-mātraḿ
<http://vedabase.net/m/matram> na<http://vedabase.net/n/na> vastutaḥ


 7.13.5 <http://vedabase.net/v/vastutah>

During unconsciousness and consciousness, and between the two, he should try
to understand the self and be fully situated in the self. In this way, he
should realize that the *conditional and liberated stages of life are only
illusory and not actually factual.* With such a higher understanding, he
should see only the Absolute Truth pervading everything.



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