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On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 08:23, Venkatesh Murthy <vmurthy36 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Namaste
> In the book Page 3 the author has written-
> शिवस्य तु स्वप्नेऽपि पूजनं कदाऽपि न कुर्वन्ति । प्रत्युत शिवद्वेष एव
> प्रधान्येनोपलभ्यन्ते । अत एव तेषां गृहे शिवलिङ्गादिकं नोपलभ्यन्ते
> क्वचिदपि ।
> He is saying Madhvamatanuyayinaha don't do Puja of Siva and hate him.
> They don't keep Sivalinga at all.
> This is false. I have witnessed Madhvas also do Puja for Siva. In one
> Madhva Pandita's house he has kept two or three Siva lingas and
> regularly does Puja with Rudra and Chamaka. In Mantralaya they have
> kept a Sivalinga and Puja is done for it.  I know one person he fasts
> on Sivaratri day even when others in his house are having a feast.
> The author is wrong because he is accusing Madhvamatanuyayinaha falsely.
> तेषां स्त्रियो बालाश्चापि शिवशब्दमपि मुखेन नोच्चारयन्ति । कुतः पुनः
> शिवपरगीतगानम् । किंतु विष्णुपराण्येव गीतानि गायन्ति । किंच
> कयाचित्स्त्रिया शिवपरपद्यं गीयते चेत् किमेतदिति स्त्रियोऽपि वदन्ति ।
> He is saying the Madhva women will not sing Siva songs. This is wrong.
> I have heard many Madhvamata ladies singing Siva and Ganesha songs and
> other ladies were enjoying it. They did not question it.

Quoting one or two persons or incidents is not enough. There are some
liberal persons everywhere.
digambarashAstrI is talking about whole community of madhva-s and their
attitude towards shiva. I don't know too much about them. But, if you can
tell us about their attitude as whole then it will help us understand
position of both madhva-s and digambarashAstrI.

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