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Even though there is Taratamya of Gods in Dvaita Siddhanta they give a
high status to Siva and not hate him. In Mantralaya near Andhra
Karnataka border there is Raghavendra Math.  They have a big Siva
Linga there . There are lakhs of devotees going to the Matha every
year. There is a Samadhi of Madhva Samnyasi Raghavendra Tirtha.  True
they don't say Siva is equal to Vishnu. But they don't hate him. There
is a town of Dharmasthala. Here the God is Siva and Archakas are from

There is one scholar here in Advaita,  Shrisha Rao . He can give
correct position of Dvaita on Siva Puja.

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>> Namaste
>> In the book Page 3 the author has written-
>> शिवस्य तु स्वप्नेऽपि पूजनं कदाऽपि न कुर्वन्ति । प्रत्युत शिवद्वेष एव
>> प्रधान्येनोपलभ्यन्ते । अत एव तेषां गृहे शिवलिङ्गादिकं नोपलभ्यन्ते
>> क्वचिदपि ।
>> He is saying Madhvamatanuyayinaha don't do Puja of Siva and hate him.
>> They don't keep Sivalinga at all.
>> This is false. I have witnessed Madhvas also do Puja for Siva. In one
>> Madhva Pandita's house he has kept two or three Siva lingas and
>> regularly does Puja with Rudra and Chamaka. In Mantralaya they have
>> kept a Sivalinga and Puja is done for it.  I know one person he fasts
>> on Sivaratri day even when others in his house are having a feast.
>> The author is wrong because he is accusing Madhvamatanuyayinaha falsely.
>> तेषां स्त्रियो बालाश्चापि शिवशब्दमपि मुखेन नोच्चारयन्ति । कुतः पुनः
>> शिवपरगीतगानम् । किंतु विष्णुपराण्येव गीतानि गायन्ति । किंच
>> कयाचित्स्त्रिया शिवपरपद्यं गीयते चेत् किमेतदिति स्त्रियोऽपि वदन्ति ।
>> He is saying the Madhva women will not sing Siva songs. This is wrong.
>> I have heard many Madhvamata ladies singing Siva and Ganesha songs and
>> other ladies were enjoying it. They did not question it.
> Quoting one or two persons or incidents is not enough. There are some
> liberal persons everywhere.
> digambarashAstrI is talking about whole community of madhva-s and their
> attitude towards shiva. I don't know too much about them. But, if you can
> tell us about their attitude as whole then it will help us understand
> position of both madhva-s and digambarashAstrI.
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