[Advaita-l] Advaiti Response to this report?

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On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 10:33, Venkata sriram P <venkatasriramp at yahoo.in>wrote:

> That is what Shri Bharati Tirtha adviced and referred
> "dustarkAtsuviramyatAM".

Don't quote name of anyone. Only test validity of views. Quoting by name is
not helpful for a healthy debate.

> Fine. If you have understood the philosphy, why you are bent upon arguing
> with others?

Obviously because challenge was posed and I want to test strength of my
This is why your previous AchArya-s wrote works and debated.

> Do your sadhana quietly.

This type of advice shows your anger only.
This is a public forum and we are testing various views to increase or test
our understanding. So, this advice is useless here.
You must say these words to your disciples or children and not to a
independent person.

> Infact, why should you bother about others.

Out of compassion or rage.
If I want to save shraddhA of advaitin-s, then first is the cause.
When I want to refute wrong view, second is used.

> What is the point in convincing others that I AM RIGHT AND YOU ARE WRONG.

Same question applies to every AchArya of your tradition. Ask them. My
answer doesn't differ from theirs.

> Mahamahopadhyaya Maddulapalli Manikya Sastry Garu of trilinga vidya pitha
> taught vedanta to my guru.    Dakshinamurty Stotra was being taught and it
> took 2 years to teach these 10 stanzas!  When my guru was in the death bed
> during the last stages of his life,
> when i asked him how his health was, the only reply from my revered guru
> was that "I am trying to assimilate the 1st sloka of this stotra".  On his
> death bed, he was trying to visualize the sentence "vishwaM darpaNa
> drishyamAna nagareetulyaM nijAntargataM".

I definitely differ from your guru.

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