[Advaita-l] Advaiti Response to this report?

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Wed Jan 11 07:35:32 CST 2012

Pujya Sadaji,
I think Shreeman LalitaalaalitaH is correct in pointing out that realization is also at vyavahaara level. In paaramaarthika there is no jnaanis or ajnaanis - it is ekam eva advitiiyam.
After realisation, where is the question of pAramArthika & vyAvahArika ?  IMHO, these 2 levels are for unrealised only.  
So, the realised doesn't speak of vyavahAra and the unrealised can never know the vyvahAra.  
I agree that arguing for arguing sake when the opponent is not ready to listen is waste of time. That is why we have vaada and jalpa in the discussions. It is better to leave them till they develpe discriminative intellect to differentiate nitya anitya satyams that they accept.
Yes. I agree with your goodself.  That is what srimadacharya of sringeri also had adviced. 
When, dvaitins are engaging in debate, it is their "samskAra".    
Again, advaita is not anubhava, since anubhave involves tripuTi - experiencer-experienced and experiencing. Advaita is clear understanding of advaita in spite of apparent dvaita or in spite of all experiential or anubhava of dvaita. 
Yes. I am aware of it as it is "a-sparsha tattva".  But then, why Sankara names His work
as aparOkSha anubhUti. 



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