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Sriramji - PraNAms

I will make the statements little differently

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> So, the realised doesn't speak of vyavahAra and the
> unrealised can never know the vyvahAra.  

I would state as  - the realized master will say the vyvahaara that he transacts with is only transactional reality while the underlying absolute reality is the self that I am - sarva bhuutastam aatmaanam sarva bhuutanica aatmani.. 

> Yes. I am aware of it as it is "a-sparsha tattva".  But
> then, why Sankara names His work
> as aparOkSha anubhUti. 

The word anubhuuta is aparoskha that is immediate and direct as in when the teacher says you are the 10th man - tat tvam asi - There is no experience of the 10th man here by the seeker of the 10th man.  It is diirect and immediate - aparoksha - with the realization that the seeker himself is the sought. It is a clean understanding by the seeking mind am the total or aham brahmaasmi that pervades everything.. 

Hari Om!

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